80, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

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Exposed artists
Boré Ivanoff, Laure Chahbazian, Linda Naili, Anne Du Bois, Dido, Vilmos Vargas, Mahaut Carpentier, Sporer

From December 14th to February 15th:

"That obscure object of desire" mystery boxes by Hanna Lehmann (Freiburg, Germany)

Gallery opening on Saturday, december 14th from 6Pm to 9 PM

Coming up expositions
Exhibition Mahaut Carpentier from November 28 to December 21, 2019
Gallery opening on Thursday November 28th from 6:30PM to 9:30PM
Revue de presse Mahaut Carpentier
Affiche exposition Mahaut Carpentier
opening hours
From Tuesday to Friday
1 pm to 7 PM
Saturday : 1pm to 6:30 pm

Monday only with appointment

80, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris