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Boron Ivanoff

Les Deux Magots 3, huile sur toile, 81x60cm, 2022
Passage du Grand Cerf, Paris 2ème, huile sur toile, 61x46cm. 2015.
Feux d Artifice sur Canal Saint-Martin, Paris 10ème, huile sur toile, 61x46cm. 2014.
Fondation Cartier II, huile sur toile, 60x60cm, 2022
La fontaine Médicis au Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris 6ème, huile sur toile, 61x50cm. 2014.

Originally from Eastern Europe, Boré Ivanoff is a self-taught artist living and working in Paris since 2001.

He is represented by the “Marie de Holmsky” gallery in Paris and the “Cygne Noir” gallery in Tours, France.

Boré Ivanoff mainly paints views of Paris. The City of Lights is his main source of inspiration. Seeking to intrigue and surprise his audience, he strives to transcribe an offbeat, unexpected, enigmatic, “never before seen” Paris.

Bore Ivanoff's art is a demonstration of how the overall quality of a decidedly contemporary composition and painterly solutions coupled with intentional abstraction can be used to depict an unconventional subject.

Sophisticated and complex, Boré Ivanoff's works oscillate between abstraction and realism. The artist manipulates shapes and colors and reinvents reality to make it subtly abstract but still recognizable. In his compositions where interiors and exteriors intertwine and seem inseparable, Boré experiments and explores the boundaries of reality. A work that represents neither a physical nor a metaphysical entity outside of itself and resists any attempt to fit it into existing categories.

Bore Ivanoff has a dynamic international career with his works exhibited in several European countries and included in various public and private collections.

Personal exhibitions


May 3-31, Exhibition of the Project “The Mirrors of Paris, between glass and water” at the “Paris Country Club”, Rueil-Malmaison.


16-26. June, Exhibition of the Project “The Mirrors of Paris, between glass and water”, in the Salle Royale de la Madeleine, Church of the Madeleine, Paris 8th.

8-30. March, Exhibition of the Project “The Mirrors of Paris, between glass and water”, on the occasion of the Francophonie Days. Organized by the Bulgarian Embassy and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague, Czech Republic.


– November 16. Exhibition of the Project “The Mirrors of Paris, between glass and water”, at the “France-Amériques” Circle in Paris 8th.


– Dec. Exhibition, One day show, “Paris 13, between History and Modernity”, Bulgarian School of Paris, in Paris 8th.

– Jul. Exhibition “Paris 13, between History and Modernity”, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris 8th.


– Oct. Exhibition, “Paris 13, between History and Modernity”, L’Âge d’Or, Paris 13th.

– Sept. Exhibition “Paris 13 between History and Modernity”, Cultural Center of Finance, Ministry of Finance, Paris 12th.


– Tue. “La Maison d’Occitanie”, Toulouse.

-August. “Maison Gadal”, Ussat-les-Bains, Ariége.

– Dec. Pibrac Musical Theater, Toulouse region.


– Jun. Town hall in Lichtenau, Westphalia, Germany.

– Sept. “Arte” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.


- May. Municipal Gallery, Kazanlak, Bulgaria.


–  Feb. Residence Adoma “Annam”, Paris 20th,  

–  Sept. Circulo Mercantil y Cultural, Vigo, Galicia, Spain.

– Oct. Salones “Bahia” Vigo, Galicia, Spain.

– Nov. Kunst and Heimathaus, Sande, Paderborn, Westphalia, Germany.


– “Herga” Gallery, Estella-Lizarra, Navarre, Spain.


– Maison Basque de Paris, Saint Ouen, France.


– Bulgarian Cultural Space, Rue Stendhal, Paris 20th, France.


– “Exhal’Art” Gallery, Paris 18th, France,

– Bihan Café”, Paris 12th, France,

– Cafeteria, Foyer “Sonacotra” Annam, Paris 20th, France.


– Gallery “Compagnie des Arts”, Paris 2nd, France


-Cultural Center of the seaside resort of Albena, Bulgaria


– “Ruvell” Gallery, Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

– “Café Galerie” with presentation of his autobiographical novel “My African Dreams”, Kazanlak, Bulgaria.


– “Sredetz” Hall, Ministry of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria.

– “Balabanov House”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


– Municipal Gallery, Kazanlak, Bulgaria.


– “Emile Vincent” Gallery, Paris 5th, France.


– Club of Independent Artists, Kazanlak, Bulgaria

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