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Anne Du Bois

"Les pièges enchantés"
"Création et complication"
"Life is a Game"

A self-taught painter, Du Bois possesses the supreme artistic gift of producing beauty instead of reproducing it. His deeply original style escapes classification, and his work is recognizable among all, marked by thick straight lines, bright, explosive colors, and fragments of figures which combine the poetic with the meaningful. But the major quality of this painting is that it is not only showy but invasive: no approximation between material and form; between empty and full. It is always, on full canvas, an extraordinary rawness of intense, pressed, tight tones.
Like nature, Du Bois's painting has a horror of emptiness... Some of his works are hallucinations, others metamorphoses. We can guess the emotional state of the artist, which pushes him to trace, to create his shapes, to imprint his vision of the world on them. Of a schizophrenic world steeped in fantasies and symbols, dreams and violence, enigmas and clarity.
Du Bois acts on the canvas in a way that communicates to the viewer the breath of his passion and his demands; she leads him where she wants, in a representation that escapes all law, to the musical rhythm of free figuration. Like an invitation to travel…

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