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The Marie de Holmsky Gallery has recently become a partner ofBailArt allowing you to acquire a work of art through theleasing.

“By nature, a work of art is not depreciable in accounting terms... A company that buys a work of art cannot enter it in an expense account.

leasing, on the other hand, allows significant tax savings for the company. Rents are deductible from taxable income and therefore reduce corporate tax.

Furthermore, at the end of the contract, the purchase option is free and allows the company to appropriate the work for a residual value."

The advantages of leasing:

  • Spread your purchase over several years

  • process leasing rents in charge

  • Acquire art objects of your choice at a lower cost.

  • Build collections

  • Rotate the works

The Gallery's commitments:

  • A rapid response (24 to 48 hours) to your financing request

  • Support from BailArt experts

Concrete example:

Sale price of the work: 10,000 Euros

Monthly rent for 24 months: 529 Euros

Tax savings made: 3751 Euros

Final cost: 8945 Euros

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