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Sarah-Jil Niklas

In her artistic work, the German painter and sculptor combines her two passions: painting and dance. "Ballet highlights the beauty of the human body and is at the same time the expression of passionate interaction. I am fascinated by the perfection and beauty of dance, the relationships and touch, the graceful movements with which the dancers communicate with each other. Since she started dancing ballet herself, dancing motivates her again and again. Sarah Jil Niklas is inspired by him for her world of patterns. She is constantly looking for interpersonal relationships. His images reflect his fascination and his desire for connection, fusion and unity in its deepest dimension. Through her unique and recognizable painting technique, she creates realistic images with the smallest details using deliberately random structures. Seen up close and in detail, his images appear abstract and resemble disordered chaos. However, seen as a whole, this chaos paints a clear picture. For Sarah Jil Niklas, an analogy with real life. Despite all the distractions and confusion, daily chaos and stress are still just the cornerstone of interpersonal relationships and major events in our lives. It is particularly fulfilling for the artist when his motifs touch other people and trigger their own associations. She is grateful that the interpersonal relationships described have led to so many new real-life relationships and friendships through their impact on others.

Sarah Jil Niklas studied painting and graphics with Professor Hartmut Böhm,Prof. Peter Freese, Diploma with Dean Prof. Hilbig and Professor Xuyen Dam, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, 1.0 Study visits to Denver/Colorado, Nantes, Guérande/France, Florence and Rome/Italy. In addition to numerous exhibitions, his works belong to private and public owners in Germany and abroad.

Exhibitions & fairs (extract):Art KARLSRUHE, artMUCs / Munich, INCorporing art fairs / Hamburg, STROKE art.fairs Munich, NEUE ArT Dresden, Discovery Art Fairs / Cologne List, Affordable Art Fairs in various cities, hello fame - live interview of the project exhibition / Art.Fair - Cologne, International Art Competition, C.A.R. Contemporary art Ruhr / UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein / Essen, inspiring lightness / Ballet Center Westphalia, Theater Dortmund, Westfalenpark Dortmund, Heinz Bach House Dortmund, Dortmund Museum Night DEW21, Golden Hall of the Westfalenhallen Dortmund, Light Meets Lightness / Ruhrtalmuseum, Westphalian National Museum for Industrial Culture Zeche Zollern, Museum am Ostwall - Dortmund, House of German Economy - Berlin, Gala Cerenzia Exhibition in Danza - Italy, etc.


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