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Femme assise
Sourire froid
Dido 1

The breadth of a personality makes it capable of practicing brilliant syntheses. DIdô, Croatian by birth, German by culture, seriously trained in the exact sciences, could draw on innumerable sources.

If he occasionally knows how to put together a figurative piece with impeccable drawing, his work is above all imaginative, with openings which stem not from the gratuity dear to the surrealists but from a solid metaphysical substrate.

It is not characterized by its Buffet-style graphics but by a variegated palette with dominant reds and blues that we find across the extreme variety of styles. Nothing artisanal, mechanical, manual about him.

He is the intellectual in research. His painting is the fruit of a deep inner life and reproduces a mental image or a long-maturing composition. All this with the means chosen on a case-by-case basis by this painter Protée whose multiple faces evoke and imply with a strong impact, various aesthetic researches of the bygone century.

Hubert Blin

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