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Revelation(s) 2020

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The association “L’EncreDéliivre”, in partnership with Galerie Marie de Holmsky, presents from October 6 to 17, 2020, the exhibition “RÉVÉLATION(S)”

This exhibition reveals the artistic reflection and productions of ten young artists, all former students of the Maximilien-Vox high school (Paris 6th).

Creative energy, great sensitivity and poetry emerge from the works on display.

Each person questions a theme that is dear to them, exploring a unique universe, appropriating various mediums, to create a particular atmosphere that “reveals” their sensitivity to us.

Light, humans, sound and matter, movement interact in their staging, weaving links between them.
The creative approach of these young artists raises universal and timeless questions, inviting us to question the way we view the world we share with them.



Denis Boudart's collages question our visual culture. His work attempts to question our diverse relationships with the world of art, nature and identity, by transforming then recontextualizing the images he has gleaned. A central question since everything is only reappropriation and diversion of what already existed by being the property of another, in a different form and with an initial message. The result oscillates between the sensitivity of a refined yet sophisticated work, offbeat and absurd.


Gil Fial transforms the white canvas into a living organism, the light gives it all its complexity. Once created, his works evolve freely depending on their environment. His proposal is intended to be far from theoretical art, the artist identifies himself through dark and deep works. The canvas opens a dimension beyond reality which has no material limits other than the edges of the frame.



Boris Hierso's painting projections reflect his vision of the world through movement. The intention of the gesture, its intensity and the quantity of material projected are the abstract artistic translation of a concept chosen during the theoretical development of the work.



Alyssa Jos, a young artist who also trained in applied art at the school of decorative arts. She explores several media and techniques. His pictorial production shows a real interest in color and moves towards colorful expressionism with contrasts between cold colors and warm colors such as “the hidden portrait”. Even behind a cloud of morning mist, the colors persist.











Nathanaël Le Bret is self-taught in clay and ceramics. His work is first of all a raw act as well as spontaneous because it is not based on a model or preliminary sketches. It is above all a confrontation with matter. He describes his approach as anthropological and assumes that the work is the result of his culture, his reflections, his place in society, his genre but also his relationship to certain institutions and the History of art.It claims the fact that a work is a witness to what it is made of, to the cultural and societal framework that is its own. It is not a metaphysical or abstract approach, but an attempt to restore the tensions that are its own.

Thomas Leclere is a visual artist and composer. His artistic projects are centered around music. He conducts daily research into sound and visual arts. His works are born from the visualization of musical compositions. It strives to make visible the vibrations that surround us. He explores the relationships between photography and music and imagines how they can respond to each other.

Maëva Maison likes to accumulate material and gestures to form a figurative work imbued with abstraction. She has a particular interest in the representation of humans in their space, in their movements, their moments of waiting, of laziness. She is also interested in the abundant and mysterious nature.

Denise Merlette presents graphic work of great delicacy. She integrates light and the atmosphere of the city of Tokyo into her drawings. She tries to transcribe a feeling, a simple moment of a walk or even a shadow.

Jérémy Patillon amateur photographer, presents photographs taken from his environment or taken during a trip to Africa to discover Kilimanjaro.

Marc Ramos, photographer, presents photographs taken from the Nightcall series taken in 2013 during a first trip to Japan in Osaka. Far from the hustle and bustle of the day, this series focuses on the Osaka night. She tells of its lights, its tranquility, its whispers. Intriguing, it seems to rest from permanent movements, catalyzing an electric and colorful energy.

This call of the night, immutable and heavy, invites silence in order to wake up better.

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