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Revelation(s) 2022

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The third edition of the “RÉVÉLATION(S)” exhibition, organized by the “L’EncreDéliivre” association, will take place soon from Tuesday May 10 to May 26, 2022 at the Marie de Holmsky gallery in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.


The association continues its action to support the creation and promotion of young artists.

As in the two previous editions, it will be an opportunity for rich artistic encounters with young talents and great creative discoveries.


The seven young artists selected express themselves freely, explore several worlds, and reveal their sensitivity. They use varied techniques and mediums: watercolors, oil, felt-tip pens, screen printing... on equally varied supports, canvas, wood, paper, metal.


The artist's reflection is superimposed on the material work, draws the viewer into a personal, original universe which provokes questioning, questions our time also soliciting our imagination.

Alyssa JOS


Alyssa Jos has always intertwined her singular sensitivity with the dreamlike possibilities of art. Since her childhood, she has imbued herself, through contact with her parents and through her travels, with a solid artistic culture. This abundant and itinerant environment continually encourages him to artistically translate his impressions, whether through photography, drawing or painting.

After an STD2A baccalaureate at the Maximilien-Vox high school, she joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, which encourages the permanent discovery of all creative techniques and media (textiles, watercolors, painting, photography).

She wishes to explore all universes in order to express her complex vision of life, her emotions and her sensitivity and produces works of a different nature.

She occupies an idyllic workshop on the rooftops of Paris and alternates between textile and plastic creations. In the series of watercolors presented for the exhibition, the works are abstract, the color pigments, first suspended in water, blend lightly into the paper. This technique allows a certain freedom in the expression of movement, the line not being fixed, it can dissolve and modify. Color - omnipresent and essential - invites you to daydream about a poetic, cosmic and very colorful world. A very personal journey into the artist’s imagination and his joy of living.






Like art nouveau, my illustrations give a central place to nature and the female figure through the freedom of the line as well as the stylization of forms. It’s about bringing to life compositions inscribed both in reality and in dreams. I like to preserve the codes of our daily environment by alternating certain parameters in order to transport the illustration into a fabulous and ideal universe.

Illustrator, but also graphic designer, I pay particular attention to composition work. These illustrations allow me to combine my passions for fashion, nature and beautiful objects, to create poetic and unusual portraits or silhouettes in unique settings. Through my compositions, I want to create very eclectic mixes of shapes and colors that clash, but delicately come together for pop and vibrant works. A fantasy in everyday life.




My approach consists of representing feminine curves through painting. It is important to me to highlight the female body. My models are mainly women around me who choose to reveal part of their private life. My inspiration is diversity, which requires me to adapt to each body and which allows me to express my sensitivity. I translate the volumes through plays of light and nuances. This technique allows you to subtly suggest the curves of the body.



"I paint instinctively, the image appears in my imagination like a flash. I am inspired by all the natural phenomena that surround me.

After a reproduction of the structure of the flash that inspired me, I let my mind wander and paint so that the model conveys my emotions. Each canvas has a unique universe, it uses different colors and shapes. Currently, I am creating a ceramic brand."


“My work focuses on the link between text and image…
A series of paintings that echo the pages of my notebook, my privacy. To an intimacy that I make visible. A series of paintings that document my daily life, my space. A space that is destined to change, to transform. A series of paintings that will continue as long as my art space exists. A series of paintings also to reassure those who raised me. This is how I work. This is my space. Parents who today no longer imagine their son's daily life. It's a way of reassuring them, of helping them project themselves into my world, with my readings, my clothes, my objects, my tools, the progress of my work...

I say painting, in reality it is screen printing. These are prints on plotter from my workshop, over which I have screen-printed "sentences" which reflect my state of mind at the time I produce the image. Assimilating screen printing to painting means deciding to make unique what could be multiplied as many times as you want. It diverts the classic use of screen printing and gives value to an object that might not have any. Like a diary that captures and testifies to my desires, my fears and my passing ideas. So as not to forget and take stock of the situation at any given moment.""



"Bruno Peissax was born on June 18, 1940 and died on January 7, 2021. He never existed, he is a parental figure that I invented to compensate for the fact that I almost never knew my grandparents He was a photographer and visual artist, and was interested in the practice of URBEX (urban exploration). He explored places, took photos of them, imagined compositions inspired by the shapes and architecture of these same places then screen-printed them on materials themselves recovered on site.

This idea came to me while exploring abandoned places; the sensations and emotions that I felt then were close to this lack: abandonment, missing pieces, blanks, voids, a different temporality, blurred stories, most of the time unknown or forgotten, but also with a reassuring side of by the fictional stories I imagined.”

“Like the projectionist and the spectator, I place myself here as the teller and listener of stories. »





"My work is based on the youth of cities, on its codes and its symbols. My subjects are the people around me and those who surround them, their daily lives, as well as the myths and legends which have contributed to creating the folklore which binds us today.

I feed off the counterculture, the Parisian alternative scene but also the debauchery, the absence of meaning and the violence inherent in this urban universe. In my productions I use images and references to youth cultures, from punk groups of the 80s to successful ultra-capitalist “hardcore” rap, and their own aesthetic. My work is a mixture of real life and a set of fictions and fantasies where the viewer must discern reality from fiction, recognize elements borrowed from mythology and life."



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